Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A day to remember (or forget)

It started with the alarm going off at 4:30. Not that I had any real intentions of getting myself out of bed at 4:30. There was no way I was going to go to the gym today... I finally made myself get out of bed at 6 and hop in the shower. I thought I'd get a head start on the crazy busy day called Wednesday. After waking the kids up and getting them started, I finished getting me dressed. Adrie and Caile were up and moving SLOW! Now, I hate when I have to give them very specific instructions that they still don't follow. Trying to get out the door and Caile has no shoes. I must say that I was impressed that instead of taking my frustration out on the kids I decided to kick the front closet door instead, breaking it. Grrr! I guess they don't make 'em like they used too! Oh, and we found her shoes. In the suburban. Isn't that where they're supposed to be?

Off to school we go. It's 7:40 and we're running 10 minutes later than I like... Get to school, get the kids out the door and I head to the kitchen with Caile to start my Wednesday lunch prep. After starting the chopping up of stuff for the chef salad, I zip out to take Caile to school. Here is where my luck kicks in. She actually got out of the car, happily, and was on her way. Btw, whoever decided to stop, park their car and then leave it in the middle of carlane during drop off needs to rethink the logic of this. Just saying...

Back to the school I go. My first helper showed up as scheduled at 9am. Amazing woman, that Rosie :) We get going and talking and bakin' and chopping. All is well. At some point, she looks at the clock and asked if we were going to have any other help today. It was well past the point of the next shift starting. I guess they decided not to come. Fine. We can handle this on our own. I mean really, how hard can it be to serve lunch to 140 students with 2 adults and 2 middle school helpers?

Next, my phone rings and it's the front office. Adrie is sick and is complaining that she's going to throw up. UGH! 10 minutes until the first wave starts, I truck off to the office to check on the little monkey. She feels up to eating, so I walk with her over to the cafeteria. When I get there, no middle school helpers. I'm off to find them. I drag them out of PE class and throw them (after they wash up!) into the line and tell them to start dishing up. They are amazing! So helpful! Rosie is a work horse getting everything done in the kitchen while I'm trying to run the kids through the salad bar as quickly as possible (which is not nearly quick enough for the back of the line!). Btw, Adrie was just fine after eating. Guess she was hungry. Bad mom didn't pack a snack for her...

Next lunch goes through, a little (or a lot) slower than the first, but we make it! YAY! Now, it's my "down time" for the day. I have 1 hour until the crazy life starts back up. I head to the outlet mall to pick up a Christmas gift that I purchased that they had shipped from another store. It made it with no problems which was probably the best part of the whole day!

Back to the school to pick up the kids. Ann-Elise gets a ride with a friend who is willing to take her to Activity Days to save me a trip (Thank you, Lourdes!). I drop Conner and Adrie off at home and head back to the school to watch Alia's team play basketball. Alia isn't playing because she jammed her finger on Monday, right before her game and still can't use it. But I'm a good mom and make her dress down and support her team, so I guess I'd better support them too. They actually played a great game and ended up winning :) YAY B-team!

Head home. Dinner consists of Egg Salad sandwiches with leftover eggs from hot lunch. However, only 3 of us eat. I have no idea what the other ate. Not my problem!

Conner runs down to his buddies house to get a ride to Scouts. I grab Ann-Elise and take her to her first basketball practice. Drop her off and visit with a few old friends that I haven't seen in a while then head out for mutual. I get to mutual 20 minutes late and NO ONE is there. Just the other adult. Oh well. Didi and I sit down for a fun little chat with yummy goodies and some wassail. Mmmm! Then 2 girls show up and we visit for a few minutes. Then I head home. Ann-Elise got a ride home from basketball right after I got home. Whew. Luckily Alia put the little girls to bed for me, so I didn't have to deal with that.

Now I'm sitting here writing this. Exhausted. Tired. Spent. Dead.

HOLY CRAP!!! I forgot about Conner! Ding Dong. Luckily the neighbor didn't forget to bring him home. I just totally forgot he wasn't here. Luckily we have a very loud and working door bell!

So, now I'm off to bed with Netflix and the joy of getting to do it again tomorrow.

I SO miss my husband!