Saturday, January 13, 2007

Winter Blast?

So, the news crews have been going crazy about our "Winter Weather". I know it's pretty pathetic when there is 1/4 inch of snow and they are recommending that everyone "stay home if possible". Yikes. Anyway, the kids had school, so they were up very early so they could play outside in what we did have. Perfect snow for snowball fights! Anyway, they really enjoyed it. So, after the snow came the freezing cold temps. I still have ice on my driveway that will probably be there for another week. At least this time I can actualy drive up it to park in the garage! After school one day, the kids decided that the steep driveway would be perfect for "sledding". So they pulled out an old pizza box and any plastic bins and lids that they could find to make the trek down. They were going pretty good. Even Adrie had a couple runs down the "hill". Next thing I know, Conner is screaming. Good Gosh, what Now??? He had slipped off his "sled" and went face first into the concrete! Oops, guess that wasn't the best idea now was it? We got him cleaned up and he has decided that he doesn't like snow and ice and concrete when they meet!

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