Monday, September 15, 2008

It's been a busy week!

Adrie just LOVED school.  She is so excited to get on the bus each afternoon.  I love being able to just take Caile places.  It's been nice for all of us.

The weather has been amazing.  I love the sun!  If I thought we could move to Arizona, we'd go in a heartbeat!  I need that heat and sun.  Totally changes my mood!

On Friday, Mike took me to the Oregon Coast.  We stayed at the most amazing place called the Stephanie Inn at Cannon Beach.  It was beautiful and pampering and very nice.  The weather was amazing there as well.  I love sun at the Oregon Coast.  Something that we don't always have!  After a wonderful and relaxing 24 hours, we came home.  We stopped at a car dealer to look at a new vehicle to replace my van.  We've been eying the Toyota Sequoia's.  Very nice!!!  We made the mistake of test driving a fully loaded one.  So, now we need to make the decision if it's in our best interest to get one.  But man, are they nice!

Saturday night we went out to the Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel with our good friends Joe and Niki.  This is the 3rd year we've gone with them.  We had a great time.  I felt like there was a bit of a shadow over me the whole night.  I think I was trying to mentally prepare myself for Sunday.  What's Sunday, you ask?

Well, Mike's been in the Bishopric for church for the past 3 1/2 years.  He was being released on Sunday for a new calling.  That's hard to deal with.  Not to get all religious on you, but well hey, it IS MY BLOG!!!  So, there are many blessings that come from serving in such a calling for so long.  I was already feeling the "let down".  Also, I kept thinking that some how it was MY "fault" that he was being released.  Now, any LDS people out there know that that's not how it works.  It's not like you get fired.  But I kept thinking they were getting rid of him so his pathetic wife wouldn't have a nervous breakdown.  Also, I kept thinking that many days I felt like I was just barely hanging on WITH all those blessings, how in the world would I cope with out them???  Anyway, after a very spiritual, but hard Sunday at church, he was able to come home after church with us.  That was a first!!!  I'm actually looking forward to spending my Sundays with him.  With his new calling, he will still have meetings, but not like he did before.  And I have him most of Sunday.

The other hard thing about the calling in the bishopric is that I felt that I lost touch with some of my friends because we were busy a lot and also people just don't feel the same in confiding things to you when you or your spouse has a "high" calling.  So you become friends with those who are also in the bishopric.  Then the ties are cut and you are kinda left alone and wandering.  Anyway, I'm kinda having an identity crisis.  I'm sure it will pass in a day or two, just weird!

So, now we're onto Monday.  A new day.  School for kids and shopping for me.  Back to life I suppose!


Brynn said...

Sounds like the beach was a perfect beginning to your weekend. So... inquiring minds want to know... what's the new calling?

1boy4girls said...

Oh, sorry. He's the new ward Mission Leader. It was cool. When he was called, the bishop told him this was his opportunity to serve the mission that he never served in his youth. He'll be great at it!

Ethington Family said...

I wasn't there on Sunday because Kaze was sick. Brett called me after sacerment though to tell me all about the changes. I am sorry you are feeling down, but I bet you will feel better and good about the changes in no time. Every calling gives blessings. It's how much we give to the calling that brings those blessings not which calling it is. You should never feel at "fault" for life changes. Just enjoy them because they will all be capable of oppurtinity and blessings. I wish you and your family the best!!
your friend, mary