Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Starting over agin

Now that facebook has lost it's excitement, it's time to get back to blogging. I've decided that even if I have no readers, I need to do this for me. Most days I feel like I'm losing my mind and at some point all of this craziness will be behind me. Knowing me, I'll forget I even went through it. So I'm going to be better at chronicling our crazy family adventures!

Right now we are winding down fall sports. Soccer just finished up yesterday and Volleyball has their last game today. One week of down time before we start up with Wrestling and girls Basketball. Tap is continuous, but it's only once a week, so I think I can handle that.

School is back in full swing and I've decided to take on 2 days a week of school lunches. Makes my week very short and I have no interest in doing anything around the house on my few spare minutes at home, but I'm trying to get it done. Even if it doesn't look like it!!!

Now, off to netflix, err, I mean clean the kitchen :)

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Lisa P. said...

I'm reading! Good to have you back! That family pic on your home page is beautiful. Love it.