Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And Summer's Here

So what do we do now? Kids are out of school and we are gearing up for a long and fun summer. Hopefully we'll even get some good weather. Our plans for the summer include lunches at the park, bike riding and zoo trips. And we can't forget lots of sleepovers with friends. At the end of summer we will travel up to British Columbia to visit Uncle Larry and Auntie Rose. We are looking forward to a nice long relaxing week there of fishing, swimming and eating (Aunt Rose is Italian, you know!). We'll keep you posted on all of the happenings.

As a side note, ball season is finishing up. Ann-Elise is done, Alia has one more game and Conner has 2 tournaments and 6 more games to go! But next week starts swim lessons, so we'll do some double duty there. Oh and we can't forget that Football for Conner and Soccer for Alia start in August. Will this ever end??? It's busy, but fun.

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