Monday, August 27, 2007

And just like that, it's gone!

Hard to believe, but school starts next week! The kids are excited to start in their new classes with their teachers and old friends. I'm excited for a whole 5 days in a row with only 2 kids home! We passed the summer with swim lessons and sports. Baseball finished and gave us 2 weeks off before Conner started football. He is enjoying that and is excited to start playing games. Alia has started soccer and loves it. She has a great coach and some old friends on her team. Ann-Elise will start tap dance classes in 2 weeks and with a new addition to the family (a piano) she will start those lessons as well. Adrie is just a crack up. She keeps us all in stitches. There is no dull moment with her around. And then Caile... what a little dolly! She just learned to walk and is exploring her world on 2 feet!

We spent a week in Canada and got back last Friday. Grandma and Grandpa Shaw surprised us by being at Uncle Larry and Auntie Rose's when we arrived. So the kids were able to spend 7 full days with them. It rained the first few days that we were up there, but then the weather cleared and it was beautiful. We were able to sneak in a couple swim days at the lake (cold lake!) and a day at the park. And one day we hiked to a beautiful waterfall for a fun afternoon of fishing and a picnic. The older kids spent the last couple days exploring the "forest" behind uncle Larry's house. They enjoyed the fort that their cousins had started last year. One of Conner's favorite activities was playing with the dog and kitties. We had an amazing time slowing down and visiting with loved ones. Aunt Rose even had the patience to teach me how to knit!

So, now we gear up for the hustle and bustle of school. I look forward to this time of falling leaves and crisp weather. The excitement of a new school year and making new friends. We'll keep you up to date as fun stuff happens!

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