Friday, September 14, 2007

Fun day ahead

So, I'm sitting here trying to blog while Caile is "helping" me type and Adrie is screaming at me with her new lotion and hair gel (mint toothpaste) covering her body. Great and it's grocery shopping day! After a tramatic morning of paying bills (shouldn't payday be fun?) it's time to get ready to go. The fun starts with working a weekly menu around my "new" goal. And I do use that term VERY loosely! I'm going to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year. Why do I always think this is a good idea right before Halloween? But I do think I'm off to a good start. This morning I've had 3 fun sized butterfinger bars. But I did share with both the girls, so that's only 1 right? 3 people, 3 bars... so what if one kid is only 13 months old and just licked the chocolate. I'm sure that Adrie had at least one bite! I suppose that I should gear up to tackle the fun day of shopping (eye roll). I don't understand why it's considered child abuse to duct tape a toddler to the shopping cart. Who ever made that law obviously never went shopping with kids!

Which made me think of yesterday... I was filling out the volunteer form at the intermediate school (they just made me an official volunteer badge with my picture on it and everything, so I suppose I should start volunteering...) Ya know, it's one of those criminal background check things. Anyway, one of the questions was about every being convicted of a crime against a child. Hmmm I suppose if you aren't ever caught the answer is no right? I'm sure that's it's perfectly normal to bungee cord your child to the kitchen chair... right? Right? RIGHT? And after Conner's last football game, when we locked him in the garage we made sure he had his playbook, a bottle of water, some old dog kibble and a jar. Does he need more? Does he? DOES HE?

Oh well. I suppose I should medicate, I mean breathe deep, so I can tackle the store...

(btw, all you law people out there, this is my feeble attempt to be funny!)

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