Monday, January 21, 2008

Back by popular demand

Ok, yes I know that I took a mini vacation. Sorry. I just haven't felt up to doing anything. Christmas was great. We had a really fun time. The older kids got a trip to Disneyland from Santa. We left on the 7th of January and returned on the 11th. It was a blast. Probably the best vacation we have had (just because we didn't have to worry about naps, strollers, dirty diapers and bottles!!!). I'll have to post about that later...

On Christmas eve Mike and I ordered a new washer and dryer. We were very excited. The following is my post about the delivery and installation that I posted on a message board that I like to visit. I thought it was entertaining, so I just copied it over here. Enjoy!

(Jan. 2, 2008)

I had my new gas dryer installed this morning. My husband stayed home so he could hook up the washer once the dryer was done (we couldn't do it before because of the tight space in the laundry room). The guy was late, so my husband left for work before he ever got here. However, he did leave me instructions on how to hook it up myself. So, the guy gets the dryer running. I run dd to the doctors. Come home and start working on the washer. Did I mention the close quarters in the laundry room? So I get the washer moved around so there is enough room for me to SQUEEZE (notice the SMALL space please) in behind the washer. I get the water hooked up. Blue to blue...then suck in enough to fit through the 6 inch space between the washer and the wall. I do believe that I ripped most of my belly roll off though! The I shimmied the washer against the wall. Holy Cow, the stupid thing is now off balance. It weighs, like 500 pounds. Now I have to try to tip it to adjust the balance leg thing??? So, I'm ready. Uh oh. I forgot to plug it in. And it's on a 13 inch pedestal, so I can't reach over it to plug it in. Shimmy it back out. But wait, now it IS balanced. Suck it in, squeeze, pray... ok, plug it it. Squeeze back, shimmy washer back in place. Still balanced!!! Yeah, I'm ready to start. Start an empty wash cycle and let it go. Come back 10 minutes later and it's giving me an error. I can't figure out what it means, and I can't find it in the book. Ok. Hmmm, so when does it actually start filling? Isn't 10 minutes a long time to have a washer running with no water? WHAT NO WATER??? I forgot to turn the water switches. Can this get any better? You know the drill by now. Shimmy washer, squeeze, pray, suck. Turn on water, Repeat. And now it's working! With water and everything! Who says the women can't do anything a man can???

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