Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Last month I started running. Ok, well not really running. Just walking slowly while lifting both legs off the ground... hmm that's not really right either. We'll just say running for the sake of having a horribly bad visual! Anyway, I started running about 4 weeks ago. I ran for about 1 mile the first day I went out. Then I gradually increased. My running friends told me about a local run that was coming up. "It's only a 5k" they said. "You can do that" they said. Ok, fine. I check out the web site. Are you flippin kidding me? It's no 5k. It's a 10k!!! Just when I thought that I could run 3.1 miles, it's really 6.2????? Ok. I can do this right? I run (or whatever) 6 days a week for 2 weeks. I'm ready! Race day comes (last Saturday) and we have our sitter set. Mike's going to run with me. Well, he's going to run the race and then come back for me! We get there. There are 325 people. Oh, please don't let me be last!!! Mike came in 68th out of 220 finishers. I came in 200th out of 220. Yeah. Thank goodness that those last 20 walkers came in! Saved me from being last. Anyway. It was a huge accomplishment for me. I ran (or whatever) the race in 1:31:22. That's a number that is ingraved into my memory now! So, now it's off to the next thing. I have decided that I really enjoy running so I'm going to keep that up. But now I've been challenged to compete in an all women's duathalon this summer. 5k run, 12 mile bike, 5k run. So, I'm off to find a bike so I can train for that! Go me!!!


Mike said...

You Rock!!! Keep it up!

Brynn said...

WHOO-HOO, good for you!!! I certainly couldn't do it! I did get a bike seat thing for Chay today though so I can start riding again, I'm so excited!

Keep up the good work!

Shelley said...

Wow, nice work!!!! I'm sure that I would have died if I had tried to run 6 miles! ;)