Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

This morning brought us a beautiful SUNNY day! After weeks of gloom and doom, we had sunny and bright. It's amazing how much that affects my day. We started our Easter weekend with the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the local park. This is fun because it brings friends from all over town together in one place. That's like heaven for me! So many people to chat with that I don't know what to do with myself. Mike had to go meet his uncle in Oregon City at the last minute, so it was just me with all 5 kids. I recruited my neighbor, Tracy, to help me with all the kids at the park in different locations for their age group hunts. It was fun. Adrie cleaned house. She was in the 0-2 age group and it mainly consisted of SMALL kids. She just went for it. Her bucket was filled to the brim! All in all, the hunt lasts for about 2 minutes. Then I have to try to round up everyone. Then I have to let them play at the park, but that works well because I can chat while they play. In the end, about 1 1/2 hours later, we head home. Mike and I grabbed something to eat and then had the neighbor girl come over to watch the kids while we met up with my friend Laura and we all headed out for a bike ride. We rode into Aurora and back. About 10 miles. It was fun. I'm glad that I had Laura with me because there is NO WAY that I would have been able to keep up with Mike. But we had a great time!

We'll have my parents over for dinner tomorrow and I'm excited to fix dinner. I really enjoyed coming up the menu. Tomorrow it will be: Honey glazed ham, asparagus with balsamic butter sauce, broccoli with lemon butter, funeral potatoes, spinach & strawberry salad, hot rolls and pretzel salad. My mom's going to bring the pistachio salad thingy and a cake for my dad's birthday. Mmmmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

I'm sure that I had an "O Remember" moment, but for the life of me, I don't know what it is right now! I'm bad. Oh well.

Oh, we also got to meet Ann-Elise's softball coach. I'm excited for her. I know she's going to have a good time. We also learned that she will be on the same team as her bestest friend, Pascal, so that will be fun for them.

Funny story about her coach. Apparently he called on Thursday night, while I was at a meeting, to introduce himself. However, Mike was busy (ok, he was playing his shooty up game) and didn't write the coaches name down. So I was calling some friends to see what team their daughters were on, but I didn't know what Ann-Elise's coach's name was!!! So yesterday I called the softball coordinator. She wasn't home, so I left her a message. But then Mike and I went out for about an hour and while we were out, she called back. This time she talked with Alia. Who, of course, didn't write down the coaches name. So I have to call her AGAIN! What an idiot I am! Finally I get the coaches name. Anyway, today we were able to meet him! Just goes to show that some things (ok, most things) that a mom does just CAN'T be done by anyone else!!!


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Mike said...

She says "you playing your shooter game daddy" ;)