Thursday, March 27, 2008

Escape to the tropics

Ann-Elise has been begging to go to the zoo this spring break. So we decided that today was the day. Everyone got up and the house kinda clean. Which is the best I can ask for! We head out at 11:30. We start out by stopping at Wendy's to get the kids lunch. Now, it's me and 5 kids, so it's not really a "quick" order. But as I'm ordering, some bozo in the truck behind me yells out "Hurry up, Soccer mom!". What??? My kids don't even play soccer. And let me tell you, after the time it took for me to get all 5 kids ready to go and loaded up, my nerves were on end. He's lucky I didn't get up close and personal with his little comment! So, If I ever have need of a crane. I won't be using US Crane. (That was the company name on the side of his truck!).

We left Hubbard with nice sunny weather. By the time we got to the zoo it was cold and very cloudy. We stopped at the little store and bought some gloves for us coldies. We were having a good time checking out the first exhibit. It's under cover. By the time we came out the other end, it was sprinkling. We headed into the Polar Bears as we came out of that exhibit, it started SNOWING! Yes SNOWING. In March. In Portland. What the ??? We passed a promotional sign that said "Escape to the Tropics this Spring Break". Apparently, the zoo has special "tropical" decor and props for the week. Umm, hello. It's SNOWING! Anyway, we headed to the primates, again, undercover. As we came out of that: hail. Yes now hail. We decided to brave it and keep moving. Over to the elephants. Snow again. Then rain. Yep. VERY tropical. It was really funny to see all of these big bright flowers and surfer things and tiki torches while it was snowing!!! By the time we left it was sunny though! All in all it was really fun. The kids did great. Adrie walked the whole way and she did great about listening and not getting too lost. It was fun to see Caile enjoying the animals. This is the first time that we have gone that she was aware of what was going on and she was interested in checking stuff out. She was amazed at any underwater views. It was really cute.

After we got home, I went out for a run. It was beautiful and sunny again! Mike rode his bike next to me. I was so excited to run my personal best. I was at 12:27/mile. I usually run about 14-15, so this was awesome! I was really proud of myself and feel that I could run and sustain that temp. My goal is to be running at 12:00/miles by my duathlon in August. Then on to the 10:00/mile. Yeah!

Oh, I don't think I wrote about my bike ride yesterday. I was following Mike while he ran. We came to a stop and I was wearing my new "clip in" shoes. Anyway, we stopped and I fell. Yep. I fell. On the road. While my neighbor was driving by. Skinned my knee. No biggie. But I broke my new shoe!!! The one I just bought 2 days before. This was the first ride I had taken with them. Oh well. The first of many spills, I suppose!

Tomorrow it's off to learn to swim with my head in the water. We'll see how that goes!

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Brynn said...

If it makes you feel any better, it's been snowing the whole week here! Like seriously snowing, it's absolutely CRAZY!!!

I'm glad you had fun though enjoying the "tropics" LOL!

Are we going to see you guys next weekend? We are all so excited!