Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break, here we come!

Yesterday was rainy and gross (again!!!) but today has been sunny and bright. My parents and brother, Bryan, came over for Easter dinner yesterday and they took 2 of my kids home with them. I love that! It has been very quiet and peaceful here today. Well, and I "hired" one of the YW from our ward who needs to earn some money for girl's camp, to come over and watch the kids for 4 hours. It was nice to get away. I bought some new bike shoes and bike peddles, a water bottle and cage, energy drink mix and a bike lock. Then went and bought a new swim suit (one that will actually work for "swimming"). Believe it or not, but that's no easy fete! Most swim suits are made to look good in, they aren't very functional! But I think I found one that will fit. Oh, plus they had some running pants on clearance in my size! Go me! I LOVE MONDAY'S!

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