Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A fun family night?

I picked up the bike trailer and helmets for everyone yesterday. Came home, set up the trailer. Totally cool! Easy and has a lot of features. Anyway, Mike came home and we tried to get everything set up quickly. And we did. Just in time to head out for a family bike ride in the rain! One of the neighbor kids wanted to come with us, so we headed out. Mike with the 2 babies, Alia, Ann-Elise, Conner and his friend and then me. In the rain. about 1 minute into the ride, Caile starts SCREAMING. Ya, Adrie is beating her helmet and she doesn't like it much. Conner's friend is having issues with his bike gears and is going slower than Ann-Elise (the whole time!) and he keeps stopping. Ann-Elise stops suddenly and Alia runs into the back of her leg, so Ann-Elise is crying. Conner is trying to do tricks on his bike and it's wet and slick, so he falls and bangs up his leg. I'm at the end with the slow kid. WOW. Fun evening out! Finally Mike, Adrie, Caile, Ann-Elise and said friend go home and I take Alia and Conner out for a small ride. That was a little more fun. hmmm, I'm not sure how all this is going to work out, but we'll keep trying!

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Brynn said...

I love the new look. you need to go read about my "entertaining" bike ride! :) Maybe you & I should ditch the kids & go together.