Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just another day in paradise!

I was not having the best day today. Home all day, extra kids, messes everywhere. Stress. I needed to get out. I haven't run since last Saturday and knew that would help. I had to wait until Mike got home because it was a very nasty day and I didn't want the babies out in that! I called my friend (and jogging buddy) Laura to see if she had exercised today. Guess what? She was just getting ready to head out for a run. I asked if she'd wait for a few minutes until Mike got home. Yep! I sent the older kids down to the park on their bikes and Laura and I just ran around the track thing there. It was POURING rain. Then it was HAILING. Are we die hards or what? Did we let the crappy weather stop up? Heck no. We went anyway. Yes, we are true runners now!

Then to make the day even better, one of my very good friends who moved away last year called me. We pretty much lost touch and I hadn't talked with her since she left. Now we get to IM each other. That's awesome! I miss her and I am looking forward to catching up.

I have been challenged to jot down small things through the day that remind me that the Lord loves me and remembers me. I thought that these were a fun 2 things!

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Brynn said...

You're crazy, you know that?! I decided last night that I was going to go on a bike ride today. Umm, guess what, I woke up to snow. Sorry, guess I'm not a die hard like you! :) I baked cookies instead LOL. Hopefully you'll have a better day tomorrow, if you need to scream, give me a call, you can vent to me, I'll listen.