Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A dream come true!

Ann-Elise finally go her wish tonight. She has been BEGGING for glasses ever since her brother got them. Her 2 best friends wear glasses and I think she felt out of the group. Well, we went into Canby and picked hers up tonight.
And in other news: I went into a bike shop today to get some questions answered about a new bike. It wasn't the best experience for me. Here is my "letter" to the guy who "helped" me:
Dear sales guy at the bike shop,
I'm sure that you didn't think anything of it, but when I told you that I was looking for a bike for a duathlon that I had been challenged too, I didn't really appreciate the chuckle. Nor did I appreciate having to "defend" myself as you were looking at me with the amused look on your face.
Oh, and just because you told me to come back "without my distractions" (3 of my kids), you can bite my over sized tushy!! And no, I won't be back!
And when I do buy my $600.00 bike. I'll send a copy of the receipt to your shop so you can see what you missed out on. Although you looked so busy, I'm sure you won't miss the sale. (Yeah right. NO ONE was there!)
A kick butt soon-to-be duathlete

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Brynn said...

Look at that beautiful girl!!! She looks so grown up, tell her to slow down!

I think you should send that letter, along with the receipt for your new bike! What a complete JERK he was!!!