Sunday, March 16, 2008


So yesterday was my birthday. 34. UGH! But Mike and I went into downtown Portland for the night. My parents came out and watched the kids for us. We headed out around 3:30. Stopped at Costco for some protein bars and then to a bike shop. We checked out a few bikes and I rode a couple around. Then headed downtown. We got to our hotel at 5:45. Checked in and dropped our stuff in our room. Roses and chocolates. NICE! Took a walk to find a place to eat and ended up at Greek Cuisina. YUM! It was wonderful and fun and relaxing. Headed back to the hotel. On our drive in we noticed that the Bike Gallery was only 2 blocks from our hotel, so we headed there in the morning. We found an awesome bike and Mike bought it for me. Yay me. I'm gonna do this tri/du thing. Really I am! So we came home and I went on a couple bike rides. It was so fun! Now I'm ready to get rolling. I then signed myself up for a duathlon on August 2nd. I figured I had to! I kept telling myself that I would sign up as soon as I got my bike...

Oh, I also signed Mike up for a local sprint triathlon in May. He's on the wait list, but I think he's pretty excited about it. And if that one doesn't work, there is another one around the same date. This could be really fun! So tomorrow I'm heading to Costco to get a bike trailer for the babies and then to Target to get helmets for most of the kids. It's amazing how, when one needs a new one, everyone needs a new one!!!

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