Thursday, June 12, 2008

And WHY am I doing this, again?

Only 2 days until my first Triathlon.  Oh my goodness.  What was I thinking?  I don't know if I can really do this.  I was looking at the list of people competing in the Try It.  They are so kind as to list the shirt size of all participants.  Guess what?  I'm the ONLY fat chick.  There are a couple big guys, but we all know that it TOTALLY not the same!  So now the anxiety really gets to come out.  Not to mention that I decided to rent a wet suit so I don't freeze in the lake.  That was an adventure just in itself.


My friend Sarah found a place in Portland that rents Tri suits.  They are NOT like regular wet suits.  They are more like divers wet suits.  They have a rubber outside and the neoprene inside.  The key with these wet suits is that you can't pull on the outside or the rubber will tear.  Therefore, you need to turn the suit inside out and pull from the inside.  Did I mention that they don't actually make wetsuits in my size?  So I'm trying on a men's suit.  For a man that's like 6 feet tall.  Um, I'm only 5'2".  Can you see the problem that I might have?  I can't tug on the outer layer of the suit and I'm a whole foot shorter than the person who's supposed to be in it.  The suit is "rolled" down so I'm trying to pull on, essentially, 2 layers of suit.  Maybe I should have prefaced this whole thing by mentioning that there is a roll of paper towels in the dressing room to wipe off sweat because it's that hard to put these thing on a NORMAL person!  To try to make a long story short, I had the lady that owns the store in the room with my trying to cram me into this suit.  Oh, by the way, I never thought I was claustrophobic until I tried putting that thing on.  And "try" is the magic word here.  Because after 30 minutes, and the suit not even covering my butt, I gave up!  I took the dumb thing off.  Seriously, this HAS to be a sign that I shouldn't do this!  But no.  Karri came back with ANOTHER death trap wet suit.  However, this one was a little easier to put on.  It didn't have the rubber on the outside, so it was much easier to pull on.  So, I guess I am set, right?


This week I have made 3 batches of cookies and eaten most of them.  I'm a total wreck!  I don't feel prepared.  I feel fat (ok, I know I'm fat, but I FEEL it!!!).  I'm stressing.  I don't know what to expect.  I'm on edge.  UGH.  Come Saturday afternoon, it's gonna all be worth it right?  Right?  RIGHT?


Ok, enough about me.  I'm sure I can find something else to post about later!


Brynn said...

BREATHE!!! Relax, you'll do great! You are doing this with a friend, right?

Tell ya what, I'll eat all the cookies you have left, that way YOU won't have to worry about feeling guilty, would that work for you?

Good Luck Saturday, I can't wait to hear how you did!

Ok, I am DYING to see pics of the whole wet suit ordeal, man, I would have loved to have been a fly on that wall (with a video camera of course)! Hilarious!!!

1boy4girls said...

Shoot, you wouldn't even have had to be a fly! The flippin dressing room door was open the whole time I was in there. Bryan was there, you should get the story from him. He never said anything, but man, the look on his face when I came out was priceless. Ya know, his totally amused face? It was definately comedy in action!

Shelley said...

You can do it, Becki!!!!! Good Luck! :) BTW, I loved your funny story about the wet suit!!!

Lisa said...

Good luck! I know you'll do great. I admire you.


Ethington Family said...

oh i wish i would have read this before the race. I could have then tried to encourage you, because i don't know anyone who has an 'easy' time putting on a wet suit. I have to say i love reading what you wrote though. you have a way with telling a story.