Sunday, June 1, 2008

Way to go Huskies!

Conner's baseball team had their first tournament this weekend.  They started off at the ball field at 8 in the morning (OK, so I was late and he got there at 8:15) they had pictures at 8:45 and we had him stay at the field with his coach until their first game at 11:45.  The boys hung out and the coach had them working on batting.  The first game went really well.  The boys finally woke up the bats and had some great hits.  They ended up calling the game because we had a 10 run lead.  That was kind of fun (ok, it was A LOT of fun.  These boys have worked so hard and their regular season has been really hot and cold, so it was nice to be on the winning end of a blow out!).


The next game was scheduled for 3:15.  That gave us enough time to run home and put Caile to bed.  Conner, again, opted to stay at the field with his coach and watch the other games.  We got back in time for the start of the game.  You could tell the boys were tired.  The first 2 innings were ended due to the other team scoring 5 runs each time.  We didn't return the favor, so we were down.  Conner did some pitching that game.  He was doing ok.  The boys were just really tired.  The bad news was that if they lost this game, they had to play again right after this one!!!  But that wasn't enough motivation to pull out a win.  They lost that one.


So, we ended up playing again at 6.  That gave me enough time to pick up the babysitter and drop the babies off at home with her and get back to the ball field, again, right as the game was starting.  This time the boys were on fire.  They played amazingly well and pulled off another big win.  Now they were in the "medal" brackets.  They would play twice on Sunday.  Once to determine which game they'd play in, for either 1 /2 or 3/4.  Then the second in the actual game for that place.  Following me???


Well, we don't play on Sunday's.  Period.  So that meant that Conner wouldn't get to participate in the actual games.  The first one was scheduled for 8:45.  We called his coach at around 11:15 to find out that they had won the first game and would be playing for the championship at 1:15.  Conner was pretty excited about that.  I must just add that this is (one of ) my difficult child.  Everything is an issue.  But bless his little heart.  NEVER did he complain about missing the games to go to church and spend the day with our family!  NEVER ONCE! 


At church I happened to glance at the clock right at 1:15 and was filled with so much love for this little boy who never questioned a decision that we have stuck by even when it's difficult.  I am truly blessed!  That's a hard one, no playing on Sunday.  But we've made it a family priority and his coaches know this and respect it.  Thanks Chip and Walter!  We have had coaches trying to "convince" us that they needed Conner and could we please just this once, make an exception...  So having coaches respect a decision and not try to talk us into changing our minds was great!


OK, so I get a call in the middle of church (I was teaching the lesson, so I didn't really think I could answer!) and let it go to voice mail.  Mike came into my class to pawn off Adrie and I had him check the message.  THEY WON!!!  The boys pulled it off and won the whole thing!  I told Conner right after church and he was so excited!  So, all in all, it was fabulous.  I'm sorry we missed it, but it was an awesome teaching opportunity. 


Great job guys!!!


*disclaimer*  I am NOT judging anyone who allows their kids to play on Sunday's.  This is OUR FAMILY'S decision.  Don't get mad at me and think I don't like you!!! :P


Brynn said...

Honestly, I don't care if you like me or not, you're stuck with me!!! LOL

Great job Conner, what a neat thing & you'll be blessed for making the decision you did.

Ethington Family said...

that is awesome! how fun to watch our kids play esecailly when they are good and make it entertaining. I am proud of Conner. that would be hard to not be there but he is a great boy!