Saturday, January 24, 2009

My latest project

A couple weeks ago we (I) decided to switch all the kids' rooms around.  We (I) feel the need to do this every year or so.  We decided to put the older girls in Conners room with the bunk beds (thus the stitches) and the little girls in Ann-Elise and Caile's old room.  That left Conner with the "little" room over the garage.  Because it has super crazy walls/ceilings, it's hard to find a way to organize and decorate it.

A little history needed.

When I went to the hospital to deliver Adrie, my good friend Julie spearheaded a project to surprise me when I got home.  She and a few of our friends totally painted and decorated the room over the garage complete with flower and bug murals.  It was sooo cute and so it has stayed this way for over 3 1/2 years.  As hard as it's been to come to terms with, Conner just COULDN'T live in a room with pink, yellow and purple walls, not to mention the pretty flowers.  I just wasn't going to do that do him.  So, part of the plan was that AS SOON as we got the rooms switched I'd paint and decorate it for him.

After school last Thursday, I took him down to the paint shop and had him pick out a color.  Any color that he wanted.  As long as it was tan or grey or taupe or tan... I wanted a very neutral color.  I've fallen for the "any color you want" trap and ended up with a fuschia room that is STILL haunting me!  Anyway, he picked out "mushroom taupe".  It's a good color, a little on the dark side, but I liked it.  So, last Friday I spent the day painting.  I HATE PAINTING!  But by then I had an idea.  Conner LOVES the OSU Beavers.  He is his father's son!  So I thought we could accent and decorate with the gorgeous colors of black and orange.  I also thought that I could paint a mural on the walls of the OSU logo and the Benny Beaver logo.

I spent about an hour in Alia's classroom yesterday with their projector.  I'll just add right now that I LOVE her teacher!  Anyway, I blew up some logo's and sketched them onto larger paper.  Last night Mike and I went to Office Depot (they suck, btw) and picked up some old fashioned transfer paper.  I copied my blown up sketches onto his wall last night and just started the painting today.  Oh My Gosh!  I love it!!!

Enough already, here's the pics of what I have so far.  I'll post more pics as I finish, hopefully tomorrow.

Oh, and don't let there be any doubt about the lengths I go to for my kids!  This has been a pain.  But, I think in the end, it's gonna totally be worth it!

You have to look really close, but you can see the outline of the Benny Beaver pic

Far away of the Oregon State Logo, half done

Closer of the Oregon State logo

On a side note, Conner played in his first basketball game (ever) today.  His team won 37-25 or something like that.  He played about half of each quarter.  It's been very hard for him.  He's used to being good as a sport and this is definitely a challenge for him.  But he had a great time and it was very exciting watching his TEAM play.  Way to go Huskies!


Brynn said...

I can't wait to see his room all done in a couple of weeks, it's looking great!

Way to go Huskies! Con's team won their first game today too, score of 35-26 LOL.

mimi said...

That looks so cool ! How neat to be able to help mom pick out paint!He must be so excited:) What a fun Mom you are:)