Friday, January 9, 2009

oh how time flies!

I have totally been in a zone. Unfortunately, it hasn't been in a "clean the house" mode. So, what have I been doing, you ask? Well...

I've been making beanie caps for my niece and nephews. It's been so fun. I've knit them before, but I've never crocheted them before. I spend way too much time finding some cool patterns and then I've been a crochet machine!

Here are the 5 hats that I've made (since yesterday morning!)

This is actually for Adrie.  Oops, it's a little big!

This is for my 10 yo nephew

This is for the Oregon State Beaver's fan!

For the little princess (my niece)

And we can't forget the L.A. Laker's fan!


Brynn said...

I am SO excited, I can't wait to see them, (oops, I mean YOU) next weekend! LOL

mimi said...

Those are SO ADORABLE!....Are they hard to make?! I love to crochet too and I've been working on making scarfs but I think I might have to try one of these Amazing hats:)Thanks for the fun idea!:) (BTW I'm one of Brenda's friends:)I think we've met before but it has been many years ago:)

1boy4girls said...

They are SUPER easy to make. And really quick too! I'm trying to talk Brenda into learning how to do them. I found the patterns on the internet. All Free!!! If you want links to the ones I made, just let me know and I'd be happy to pass them along! Good luck!

Brynn said...

Ok, I'll be there next weekend, you have the stuff ready to teach me & we'll see if I can figure it out.

Ethington Family said...

oh sure, look what i missed out on, and for what- groceries, that's what. The kind that when your done buying you still look at the shelves and think their is nothing to eat. I am bummed I missed out on this. Anyway, I have to call you and talk. a little something has been going on. take care!

1boy4girls said...

Awww Mary, we'll reschedule, I promise. You just get everything taken care of with your family and then we'll get together. This can be one awesome talent that you have that people can actually SEE!

Love you!!!


mimi said...

THANK YOU BECKI :)!!!!!!!!! Miriam:)