Saturday, April 4, 2009

She may really be a rock star!

North Marion School District had their annual student talent show last night.  Alia decided that she wanted to sing.  She picked the song and we helped her download a karaoke version and Mike even edited to fit the time frame of 1:45.  She practiced for a month and we even picked up some new clothes for her to wear the night of the performance.

So last night was the big night.  She did amazingly well.  She was the 3rd performance of the night.  She was awesome!  I'm so proud of her!!!


Brynn said...

YAY!!! She did great! I'm so proud of you Li!

Ok, so what did the MC say, you cut it off... he said "something we know about her..."

Rebecca said...

Great Job! It takes a lot to get up in front of your classmates and do that.... must be doing something right there. : )
PS are you just dying to come to my party on the 18th : )