Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More snow

We just finished spring break.  Like usual, it rained almost the whole week.  We watched a few high school baseball games in the rain.  Luckily the stadium has covered seating, so while we were freezing, but at least we were dry.  The best part of the week was when our family went on a snow outing up on Mount Hood.  Ann-Elise was invited to a very creative birthday party for one of her oldest friends.  Our whole family was invited up to Tyee Lodge on Mt. Hood.  We'd known about the outing for about a month, but I didn't commit until about 2 days before we were supposed to be there.  And boy, am I glad we decided to go.  The mountain had a ton of snow and it was a beautiful winter spring wonderland.  We hiked in about .5 mile to the cabin and unloaded.  We spent 24 hours playing in feet of snow, sipping hot cocoa, warming by the fire, eating amazing food, and playing games.  What an awesome end to spring break!

 Watching the birthday girl open gifts.  Look at the snow out that window!

The kids playing Headbands, a new birthday gift.

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