Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ann-Elise's school paper

Ann-Elise wrote this paper back in the beginning of April. I wanted to post it when I read it, but it had to stay at school until the end of the year. Just remember that she had just turned 8 when she wrote this. And, other than a few spelling helps, she did this on her own. I'll type it the way she wrote it, just so you can get the full effect of a second graders writing!

On the day of the Husky Pup Fun Run I threw of my covers and quickly climbed down the later of my top bunk. Throwing out my black bourder different colerd skull shert and my comfortable jeans I sprinted down the stars and heated up a cup of water. Pord ots in my bowl. I walfed down my otemeal. I shuved my foot in my convers high tops, grabed my cote, snached my backpack off the couch and sprinted to the bus stop. Finily the Fun Run began. I stuck with Pascal most of the time. We started out jogging slow. We pased the blue and yellow stashon all most back agin, meeting Aidan and taking realy made time fly. Then a parent make our green card and our first lap was down. We doged kindergardeners and first graders. Finily we made it to the green tent agin. Then Pascal's mom said good job and marked my green card. A side ake apeard in our stumic, so we streched. Then we were at the bleachers and we saw Mr. Mangan. He gave us a comlament. he said that we were jogging at a nice steady pace. I said thanks. That made me feel more confident in running ten laps. Then he paced us. We tried to keap up but we just couldn't. We make it back. We had 3 laps done. Pascal and I were aching in pain. Jogging tridly around the track, more marks on my card. Looking at it I hade 8 laps done. Finily the horn blew. We were kind of confused at first but we looked around and mostly everyobody was still jogging I know it was the last lap so I jogged quickly. I made it. I passed Pascal and another parent marked my green card. 9 laps were done. Every one stumbled back to the primary school. I could hardly feel my legs. After we were inside, there were apples and carrots. There was also an anounsment rewarding everyone who jogged and extra lap. I drank a lot of wother. Mr. Mangan caled tabels to grab snaks. I enjoye my appels, carrots, and the rest of the day.

How amazing is that? I love that little girl!

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mimi said...

What a great paper! What a doll!