Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Adrie!

Yesterday was Adrie's 4th birthday. I can't believe it!!! Where does the time go? At some moments it seems like it was yesterday, but then at others, it seems like it was WAY more than 4 years! She is an amazing little girls with an awesome personality. She's smart as a whip and gorgeous. She's the total package deal! We are a very blessed family to have her.

Last night we had most of her preschool class and a few kids from church over for a "pretend sleep over". She was so excited (as were her friends, from what their parents told me) to have a party. The kids were adorable! Everyone arrived in their pj's and with a sleeping bag or blanket. We read a few stories and then played "musical sleeping bags". After that we sang the popcorn song and then pretended that we were popcorn and jumped around. Next came cake and ice cream followed by gifts. We had just enough time to get it all in before parents came back to pick everyone up. Each child left with a goody bag that contained a ring pop, a little book and a toothbrush. We had a great time (me included) and now I'm actually looking forward to Caile's party in August!

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Ethington Family said...

happy birthday to that cute little girl!!

Brynn said...

Looks like it was a complete success!

Morris Family Journal said...

How fun! Glad Adrie had a great birthday. She is adorable!