Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomato plants

Mike has been asking me to post some pics of our hanging, upside down tomato plants for a while now. These have been hanging for about 6 weeks now. They are beautiful (if I do say so myself!) We love tomatoes here at our house and when we saw this idea, we just had to try it out. There is a place down the road from us that sells the white, 5 gallon buckets with the lids for $1.00 each. We bought 5 of those and just some inexpensive soil at Bi-Mart. Each bucket holds about 3/4 of a bag. The soil was 2/$5.00. We hung the buckets with basic closet shelf holder things. They were about $2.50 each. We bought small starts for around $2.00 each. All total, with everything, they were about $7.00 each. And that included the hangers and buckets that we can reuse next year! So far, we are really impressed with how these are doing. I'm looking forward to some awesome tomatoes in a month or so!  I also added a picture of one of my Calla Lily's.  LOVE THEM!

Up close of a couple of the tomatoes already growing.

One of the buckets

A BIG bucket.  It will be interesting to see how the different types do.

Another bucket

My pretty Calla's

Another bucket


Brynn said...

See, now that is something I bet I could do & would probably even enjoy! We LOVE tomatoes... you'll have to remind me of this next year!

mimi said...

What a great idea!!!
Those tomato plants are beautiful!!!
So are your flowers:)!

Ethington Family said...

That is pretty darn cool!