Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to life. Back to reality.

Well, we are getting settled after our camping trip.  Why is it that you need a vacation to recover from your vacation?  I don't get that!  I'm still on the high that came from such an awesome time though.  I don't think I blogged about the 2nd degree burns that I acquired while we were out on the boat.  I was a good mom and sunscreened up all the kids and Mike, but neglected myself.  Oh well.  Skin cancer here I come!  It's not too painful, but the crackling skin is a bit uncomfortable.  Next time...


We dropped Conner off at my sister's house after camping.  They live in Bend and it wasn't too far out of our way.  He's going to hang with her and her 3 boys for a week or so.  She has some fun stories to share.  You can check out her blog here to check out the fun things going on over there.  I miss the little man, but I know that he really enjoys these visits with his cousins.  I was thinking that out of the last 5 years, he's been able to spend a week with them every summer except last year when they were moving.  He needs that time with boys!


I was able to have my friend Laura watch the babies yesterday while I took Alia and Ann-Elise school shopping.  We had a good time.  We were able to find some really cute outfits for them.  I also picked up a couple pair of jeans for Conner at Old Navy.  I just couldn't beat the price of 2/$25.  I just hope they fit.  I also picked up some super cute outfits for Adrie for preschool.  When we got home the girls decided to put on a "fashion show" for me.  Unfortunately, I only got 2 pictures before my camera died.  Just to let you know, "I" did not put the clothes together for the fashion show.  I wouldn't have put the black shirt with the black leggings on Adrie!  She has some super cute layered shirts that those pants were to go with!  Oh well...

Alia modeling one of her new school outfits. IMG_4837_edited-1


I love this picture of Alia.  She is so beautiful.  And I know it's wrong, but I love the sun bleached hair and tan skin.  I'm sorry.  I AM from California, ya know!

Oh, I found THE funniest blog in the world last night.  I spent a couple hours reading everything on there. You can check it out here.  Enjoy!

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