Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get well, my sweet baby girl

Ann-Elise had her ear and tonsil surgery today.  We started by getting up before the crack of dawn.  One of the joys of NOT living in the bustle of city life is the hour plus it takes to get anywhere like the hospital!  Here she is in her "bed" in the back of the car.  Notice she's actually still smiling! IMG_4841

The first thing we did at the hospital was check her in.  I LOVE the children's hospital that we go to.  They are amazing.  After they got her admitted, they had her pick a stuffed animal to go through surgery with her.  She chose a little Care Bear Bee.IMG_4843 

We had the most wonderful nurse, Elaine.  She was so sweet and kind to both us and Ann-Elise.  We passed the time by playing cards and watching TV, getting ready for them to take her to the OR.IMG_4844  

After we go the ok to go to pre OP, we headed down to the basement.  We were met down there by her Doctor.  Now I LOVE her ENT!  She is so sweet.  She came over to Ann-Elise and gave her another little gift, a little stuffed bird to take with her as well.  Leise cruised through surgery with no problems.  After a quick stop in post op, we headed back up to her room.  She was zonked out!  She would wake up to take a few sips of water and would go back to sleep.


After an hour or so, we got the ok to go home.  I am so impressed with how well she is handling the pain.  She is such a little trooper!IMG_4847 IMG_4848

She has been a little sad because she can't eat, but I think she's going to do just fine.  Oh, and then when we got home, her buddy Hannah, came over to visit her.  This is what she brought...


Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.  I know that things like this aren't really a big deal, but when you are the one going through it, it really is!  I appreciate your caring for my family!


Brynn said...

OMGosh, I love this little girl! What a trooper, I'm so proud of you Leise, you were so brave. You my sweet girl, look absolutely BEAUTIFUL even in the hospital!!! I love you Leise Girl! I hope you have a speedy recovery sweetheart!

Ethington Family said...

What a sweetheart! I am sorry she had to go through that. It doesn't sound like fun. She sure is a cute girl. I now that is just as hard on the parents to watch helplessly as it is for the child. I hope you are all doing well. Tell Leise, I hope she gets feeling better soon. Take care Becki!

Shirlene said...

Don't you hate it when your kids are sick or hurt. Even though to some a tonsilectomy is so big is when you're a mom. You had to see your kids in pain. I even hate to have them get their immunizations....I'm a big whimp!
She's a beautiful little girl. Hope she's feeling better. I bet you're a sweet and fantastic mother, Becki. I love to view your blog.

Ethington Family said...

just wanted you to know you just made my whole day! Thanks for your comment! Missed you at church, hope your little girl is feeling better soon.

Ethington Family said...

Ok, so a third comment. You were tagged on my blog. I thought you should know before hand that I am sorry but it could not be helped. You see, I was tagged and I thought it only fair to pass it along to you.