Friday, August 1, 2008

My Baby's 2!!!

How in the world does time fly like it does?  Sometimes it feels like YEARS, when it's only been a month.  But in the whole scheme of things, time is moving so quickly!  Today is little miss Caile's 2nd birthday!  However, we cheated and gave her her gift last night.  Adrie had already seen what it was and was SO excited to tell Caile.  We had put her off for a couple days, but figured we could go ahead and give it to her last night so Mike could be there when she got it.  Although I'm not sure who had the most fun, Conner, Adrie or Caile!

IMG_4731Caile was so excited!  Evertime she walked into the room and saw it (hard to miss) she would let out a little scream.  Too cute!!!


Also this morning, I sent her picture to the local news station.  So at about 6:20 they showed her picture in their "birthday" announcements.  However, she will forever be known as "Kaylee" not "Kale".  My fault!  I insisted on the E at the end of her name so it would look more feminine.  Sorry baby!



Yesterday was fun.  I took the girls shopping early in the day while Conner was hanging out with his buddy.  We went to Target.  Alia had some birthday money and was itching to spend it!  Although I must say, that she did wait 1 whole week!  Anyway, she bought a super cute long layered looking shirt and some super cute PJ's.  Then we were off to Costco.  The girls (ok, Adrie) was a total monkey.  It's crazy taking her places, but we did make it through.  It was kinda fun spending some time with just the girls.  They are very sweet and I appreciate their help.


Today my friends daughter is coming over to bake a pie.  I had made one a couple weeks ago and she had a slice when she babysat.  Now she wants to learn how to make pies.  Uh, ok.  I can only hope that it actually works out!  I have a tendency to make one thing really well, but when I go to make it again, it doesn't work out nearly as good.  Hopefully, this won't be one of those cases.


Anyway,  Happy Birthday Caile.  We love you!!!


Shelley said...

Holy cow, that inflatable is huge! I wish we had a playroom for fun toys like that. Happy 2nd Birthday, Caile!!! I can't believe that your youngest is 2 years old...that is absolutely crazy!!!

Brynn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAILE!!! Have a super fun day today!

Brynn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAILE!!! Have a super fun day today!