Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Fruits of Our Labor...

Trischelle came over yesterday to bake a pie.  Well, she brought the berries, and boy did she bring a lot!  We had enough to make 2 pies and still enough left to make a berry crisp too!  We had a good time and everything turned out REALLY well!  No berry soup for us!  They were perfect.  Check out these pics...

IMG_4743 IMG_4746

IMG_4748 IMG_4749

Next time I think we'll do bread!


Caile had fun on her birthday.  The older 4 kids went to play with friends, so after Trischelle left, we went grocery shopping.  OH MY GOODNESS.  I forgot how ENJOYABLE grocery shopping can be when you only have 1 and they are GOOD!  After that we came home and played together.  Here she is during our "photo shoot".  Not too cooperative, but cute none the less!

IMG_4750 IMG_4755


Oh and on the "I'm a TOTAL loser" note:  I bailed out on my triathlon today.  We have a ton of stuff to do today and the weather isn't very good and I didn't know anyone else going and and and...  I am going to go for a run though.  That makes up for it, right?

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Ethington Family said...

I would have much preferred the day you spent with your daughter and baking to the race anyway. Your pies and crisp look great. What a cute little girl you have.