Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Every once in a while they surprise you!

As we were heading out to Ann-Elise's softball game last night, a friend was next door.  She and I were saying our hello's.  Her son leaned out the back window of her car and said "tell Conner thanks for the dollar".  Huh?  My friend went on to explain that when she had given me a couple bags of clothes for Conner, he found a dollar in one of the pockets.  Knowing that it wasn't his, but belonged to her son and instead of just putting it in his bank or wallet, he actually went next door and gave it to the boys uncle to give to him the next time he saw him.  My jaw hit the ground.  My son?  Really?  I got in the car and talked with Conner about it.  Really, with no adults knowledge, he did the right thing.  I was so impressed.  Those are the moments of accomplishment for me!  No prodding necessary.  He decided to "choose the right" all by himself!  Way to go Conner!


And GREAT job Ann-Elise on your first softball game.  She was so tired after a fun afternoon of bowling and pizza with her best friend and school principle and teacher, but she was a trooper and played in her game anyway.  She also had an AMAZING play at 2nd base and made the 3rd out!  YEAH!


Brynn said...

Wow, good for Conner! Gotta love it when our kids "CTR" all on their own, let's us know we're doing something right!

WHOO-HOO Leise Girl! Great job on your game!!!

Shelley said...

Love the picture...too cute!!!

Ethington Family said...

that is cute about conner! it's important for us to know we're leaving your dent on our kids. i'm glad you found out so you were able to praise him.
i too, love the picture!