Monday, May 26, 2008

Yes, I know, I know!

I'm a delinquent.  I'm sorry.  It just seems like nothing exciting is happening.  And we just get so busy!  So, I'll just update a bit.  My sister came out on Friday night.  We had invited her oldest son to come out and attend an OSU Beaver's baseball game with Mike and Conner.  So, she came with her 2 year old.  On Saturday, when the boys left, all us girls went to the zoo.  We actually had a good time.  There were a million people there, but we didn't get rained on, so it was all good.  I only lost the older girls once, so that was pretty good.  My sister took a bunch of pics and as soon as she unloads her camera, I'll post some.


Mike and Conner had fun at the baseball game with my nephew and Conner's friend Tyson, who came down from Washington.  They had a sleep over on Friday night and they were having a blast.  It was nice that all the boys got along so well.  We enjoyed having both of them over and hope to be able to do it again soon.


I think Conner has decided NOT to play football this year!!!  YEAH!  It's been kind of a mess and I'm not really happy with the way things have gone so far with sign ups.  I don't feel that Conner should have to play with 5th & 6th grade kids.  I know, he'll be in 5th grade.  But his birthday is so late in the summer that he'll be playing against boys who are up to 3 years older and so much bigger than him.  The crazy thing is that there are boys who are older than him that will be playing 3rd & 4th grade football because they were held back a year...  Seems silly to me!  But it seems like our football guy isn't very interested in hearing what my concerns are about that, so maybe it's best if he doesn't play this year.  The poor kid is so small that I want him to be able to actually play, and be SAFE!  Apparently, that's not a big deal to others...  Ok, off my soapbox now!


We're still well into baseball and softball.  If you add the end of the season dance performances too, we're keeping busy.  Oh, plus my first triathlon is in less than 3 weeks, so now I've got to up my training...  UGH!  I'm starting to get butterfly's just thinking about it!  But it will be a great learning experience for me.  And a huge accomplishment when it's actually over!


Alia is ready to start cheerleading.  We're hoping that they get a coach so that they can actually have a squad this year.  She's been waiting so long to finally do it, I hope it works out!


I think that's it for now.  I'll post some cute zoo pics as soon as I get them! 

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