Saturday, May 17, 2008


You're tired of hearing about my bike and I need to update my blog.  I get it!!!


Mike went out of town on Monday.  He was in Georgia until Thursday night.  His mom, Janet, has been staying with me.  Between handling all of the kids stuff by myself and fitting in some fun stuff with her, I haven't been able to sit down at the computer much.  So let me back up...


Last Saturday, Mike planned on participating in the "Canby Gator Grinder" sprint triathlon.  However, it filled up really fast, so he was placed on a wait list.  He trained for it, but his number never came up, so he wasn't able to do it.  Seeing as how he did all his training, he was a bit disappointed, so we made up our own triathlon.  We called it the "Lader Gader".  He came in first place!!!  Ok, so really he was the only one who did it, but none the less...  He swam 500 meters at the pool, then biked 13.2 miles to our house and then jumped off his bike and ran a 5k.  He finished in 1:21:07!  Amazing!  Great job!  Only 4 weeks until the "real" one!!!


Monday night Conner's baseball team got spanked.  It wasn't pretty!  Conner played second base for 2 innings and was only up to bat once in the whole game.  At least he walked at his once at bat and didn't strike out!


Tuesday we went to the St. Paul Food Storage Center.  Our ward had a fun potluck bbq and then we were able to go inside and dry pack can some basic foods.  ALL of the kids helped out.  It was really fun.


Wednesday Conner's team played again.  This time they won.  They actually had a pretty good game.  The babies stay with me and played in the dirt.  The weather was FINALLY nice!


Thursday Leise's team played.  I was at the airport so I missed the game, but Grandma told me that Leise played an AWESOME game!  She had a big hit and was even able to score.  They finished with a tie, but I don't think the girls cared!


Last night Mike treated me to a new outfit for my big ride today.  I got new bike shorts (actually made for a girl!  It DOES make a difference) and a BRIGHT yellow shirt.  Yeah!  I can't wait to ride.  Then we went out to dinner with his mom.  It was a lot of fun to slow down and enjoy adult conversation without being interrupted a million times.


So, now I'm waiting for my ride to head out to our start point for our big ride today.  I'm really excited and I think I even have everything I need.  I'm sure you won't want to hear it, but I'll fill in the details later!

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