Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Becki's Quirks

Well I've been tagged twice now to list 6 of my Quirks. So, I suppose you are all dying to know what they are. So, here goes...

1) When I travel, I'm compulsive about having a clean hotel room or condo. Seriously. EVERYTHING has to be put away. No living out of suitcases for us! Kitchen has to be spotless and every dish done. Funny thing is that my own house is NEVER clean. Doesn't matter how hard I try, the kids mess it up faster than I can clean it, so at this point, I've pretty much just given up.

2) As much as I complain about all my kids clothes, I can't stop buying them more. I HATE the laundry, but I love to get cute/cool stuff for them!

3) I'm obsessive with my computer. If I sit for a minute, I want my laptop to check my email accounts and the few sites that I visit regularly.

4) Can't sleep in an unmade bed. Ok, I stole this one from Mary, but it applies to me too! Even if it's midnight, I need to make my bed before I can sleep in it. Luckily I think this has rubbed off on Mike and if he goes to bed before me, he'll do it for me!

5)I obsess about 1 thing. It doesn't really matter what it is at the moment, but it's all consuming. It could be a new craft, a book, an activity or, one of the worst, planning a vacation. Oh man, that one's a nightmare. Making sure everything is going to be perfect! It's all I can focus on.

6) When I fold laundry, it has to be on my bed. And the bed HAS to be made (of course). The funny thing is that if I don't feel like making my bed, the laundry will wait.

I know that there are many more things I could add to the list, but we'll just call it good at these!

Thanks to Brenda and Mary for "motivating" me to do this one!

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Ethington Family said...

I'm proud of you for doing this one. Great job!