Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A fun day with friends

Today was school picture day for Ann-Elise and Adrie.  Seeing as how Adrie doesn't go to school until the afternoon, I had time to get her all dolled up.  Ann-Elise is, as always, gorgeous, so I wasn't too concerned about her pics.  However, Adrie has freaky hair, so I asked my friend Mary to do her hair this morning.  So, after the older girls headed off to school, I loaded up the younger 2 and we went to visit Mary and 2 of her kids, Jeb and Kaze.  Jeb is about 9 months older than Adrie and they have VERY similar temperments.  They are crazy monkeys!  And they LOVE each other.  And now that I think about it, even though Jeb is older, I think they'll be in the same year of school.  That's cool!  Anyway, after Mary did Adrie's hair and her and I visited for a while, I took the girls home.  But while we were visiting, she told me that I should bring Caile back in the afternoon so she could play while I had a dentist appointment.  Never one to turn down free babysitting, I took her up on the offer.  So, we got Adrie on the bus and then headed back to Mary's.  Jebby (as the girls call him) was so excited to see Caile to play with her, so I jump at the opportunity to head out the door.  After my dental appointment and running some errands, I picked her back up.  Mary had to be at Activity Day Girls at 4 and she didn't have a sitter so I told her to bring over the 3 of her kids that she had at that time.  So, I had Kaze (almost 1), Jeb (almost 4) and Seth (6ish).  Oh my goodness.  What fun my kids had!  Adrie and Jeb were jumping off the walls (literally!)  Conner was LOVING having 2 little boys to play with.  Seriously, I don't think I have ever seen him so patient and considerate with ANYONE like he was the Jeb and especially Seth.  Too cute!  Ann-Elise and her buddy Brooke were enjoying keeping Kaze entertained.  The boys spent a lot of time flying a kite.  Then it was more fun to take the broken one and just glide it back and forth for a while.  Anyway, here are some super cute pics of the kids while they were playing!

Adrie and Jeb just chillin'.

Big hug
Group hug!  I love Jeb's expression here!

Seth with the "glider"

Conner playing with Seth

Alia striking a pose
Janey.  As adorable as her mom!


Brynn said...

Totally cute kids!!! There is 1 of Drie where she looks exactly like you!

Sounds like a fun day for everyone & holy cow, I'm impressed, you got pics!!!

Ethington Family said...

becki, you are sweet! thank you for watching them. they had so much fun. that picture with the girls hugging jeb cracks mr up. he looks quite pleased with himself to have two cute girls at each stde. we will have to get them together again- soon.