Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where does the time go?

So, here I sit.  Quiet.  Ahhh, now that's something I could get used to!  If it wasn't for the annoying sounds of Nemo in the background all would be well!  Anyway, I just can't believe how quick time is flying by!  It seems that I just posted something and it's already been a week.

I keep thinking that as soon as something "exciting" happens, I'll post about it, but nothing "exciting" seems to happen around here!

So, let's see...

Conner got his first progress report from his new school.  He did really well.  Out of 10 grades, he had 5 A's, 3 B's, 1 C and 1 D.  The C and D are in heath and reading.  Reading has been a huge struggle for him forever.  Not surprisingly the Health class requires a lot for reading and then testing on what you read.  So in my mind they kinda go together!  We were very impressed with the work that he's doing.  There is definitely some room for improvement, but for the most part, we were thrilled with how well he's getting along.

Alia is still knee deep in Cheer.  And she LOVES it.  I am so impressed with how dedicated she is.  And she's GOOD!  I mean REALLY good!  Makes me (the old cheerleading captain) very proud!  She ended up not cheering at the game last Saturday due to standing water in the "cheer" section of the field.  Lucky us!  I really didn't want to be out in the pouring rain anyway!

Ann-Elise is amazing.  She is a fabulous student.  Really!  Every subject.  It amazes me how easily everything comes to her and just how well she's able to do in all subjects.  I feel very distanced from her again this year as I have yet to spend any time in her classroom.  I should probably try to fix that...  But I do enjoy those 2 hours a week that I have of quiet time.  I don't know if I want to give those up for some time with 25 7-8 year olds!

I'm not sure how Adrie survived prior to preschool.  That kid LIVES for getting on the bus to go to school.  This week we've added an even more exciting element to school.  HOT LUNCH!  Oh yes.  Not just pb&j from home anymore!  But real food too.  She loves to come home and talk about all of her friends and is just in love with both her teacher and her aid.  What a little dolly.  She is getting so big.  It amazes me how quick they grow!

Caile hasn't been feeling well the past 2 days.  That makes life pretty difficult for me.  She's already a hard kid, but add a fever and not wanting to be put down on top of it and it's horrible!  I'm not sure wh
at's wrong with her, but hopefully it will be short lived.  Other than that, it's been fun taking her out for outings while Adrie is in school in the afternoons.  In fact today she became very upset with me after I put Adrie on the bus and told her that we didn't have to go anywhere today.  She was pretty adamant that we go SOMEWHERE!  I'll have to plan more fun things to do with her while it's just the 2 of us!

Mike and I have a 5k run that we're doing on Saturday.  I haven't been very good at running lately so Mike made me go out on Monday with him.  I'm STILL sore!  But I need it for Saturday, so I'll be out there again tonight trying to better my time.  I'm excited about this run.  It should be fun.  They also have a 1k kids run that both Conner and Ann-Elise are signed up for.  Alia's cheering, so she's off the hook.  Still not sure what I'm going to do with the ba
bies, but I'm sure I'll figure that out before Saturday (well, one can hope!  Any volunteers?)  Conner's pretty excited about the run.  I think he'll do pretty well.  He's quite a quick runner.  Hopefully the short distance will be good for him.  He has asthma, so long distances are pretty hard for him.  But this should be just fine...

I also started making cute little hair clips for the girls.  I love them.  The girls seem to like them too.  They are
 really easy to make and pretty quick.  It also helps when the older girls get excited because 
I can use them to help! 

Oh, and on a purely fun note.  Mike and I are headed to Tampa for 5 days next month.  I booked the airfare last week and just finished by booking the hotel today.  YEAH.  It's really going to happen!  A funny story:  Mike is going for a business conference.  Therefore, his company is paying for the hotel the first 3 nights that we're there.  It's actually a really nice hotel (too rich for my blood!  When we have to pay, we'll be moving to another, not so nice hotel!).  Last Wednesday night I was online showing Conner the hotel.  Looking at the pictures.  Drooling over the really nice beds and awesome view.  Then I sent him to bed and headed upstairs to check out one of my favorite shows "Ghost Hunters" on SciFi.  I'm not paying a whole lot of attention because I brought up my laptop to do some more research.  On one of the rare moments when I was actually watching, they gave the name of the hotel in Florida that they were going to be checking out.  For ghosts.  Real ghosts.  Guess what?  It's the same hotel that Mike and I are going to be staying at.  The really nice one that his company is paying for.  And they found PARANORMAL activity.  Oh my.  Now let's add to my fun vacation the GHOSTS that live in the hotel too.  So, this should be a fun trip!   I'll let you know how that goes when I get back!

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Ethington Family said...

The vaction sounds like fun. When we had t.v. brett and i use to watch ghost hunters. we liked it too.
i was going to call you guys and see about meeting you guys at the run. i figured me and janey would do it. however i'm not sure now if we can because i don't think brett can get the time off to watch the kids. if he can't (and i sould know today) then i'll watch your girls for you.
Jeb would be thrilled. Janey would love to run, but at least if she can have friends over, she'll be happy.
Have fun on your trip coming up!