Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fall - And not the season!

We've already had quite a week.  On Monday, as we were waiting for the preschool bus at the corner, Adrie fell and hit her ear on the stop sign pole.  She hit right on the tip.  You know that part that HURTS and BRUISES???  Ya, that part.  She decided that she still wanted to take the bus to school, even though she was crying.  I thought she was being quite a trooper.  As soon as I got home I called her teacher and told her what had happened so if they needed me to come get her, they had my number.  She made it through the day, no problem.
Then yesterday about 20 minutes before we were to go to the bus stop, she was running up the stairs.  The same stairs that she has run up a million times.  Well, this time her foot slipped and she went down.  Hard.  I was sitting close by and figured out what happened as soon as I heard it.  She was crying and I, being the wonderful mom that I am, very calmly told her to come over to me.  Well, as soon as she turned to me I saw the mouthful of blood.  Great.  That got me up!  I went over to her and picked her up.  We went to the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel.  In the mouth it went.  I just needed the bleeding to slow down enough so I could see what the damage was.  HUGE hole in her lip.  Huge.  It was about the size of a pencil eraser.  Gross!  Her teeth had cut through her lower lip almost through to
 the facial skin on the outside.  It was so deep that you could actually see the teeth imprint and bruise on the OUTSIDE!  She also had a rug burn on her chin.  Poor thing!

I called the advise nurse, just to make sure that my initial diagnosis was accurate (nothing can be done.  We don't stitch the inside of the mouth...).  Yep.  I must have done this before because I was right!  So I kept her home from school and gave her some tylenol.  That seemed to help the pain.  She is such an amazing sport.  She very rarely will complain!  Here are some pics.  The first one was about an hour after it happened yesterday.  Pretty fat lip!  The rest are from today. Sorry my camera is so bad.  Maybe for Christmas I'll have to get a new one (hint hint Michael!)

And actually today, the outer part that was just bruised yesterday is scabby and crusty so I'm thinking that it did cut through the whole lip.  Yuck!!!


Ethington Family said...

ouch! hope she's feeling better!

Shelley said...

Ouch! Poor thing! How's she doing now? At least all of her teeth were still intact!

1boy4girls said...

Thanks guys! She's actually doing amazingly well. Yes, Shelley, I'm glad that her teeth were not affected. She is such an amazing little trooper though and the poor kid has had at least 2 bonks a day since. She must be going through an awkward growing spurt!