Monday, October 13, 2008

Race Day

On Saturday we took the younger girls to my friend Mary's house (thanks Mary!!!) and Alia had to cheer at a game.  Mike, Conner, Analyse and I all went out to Gresham (like the new spelling?  I'm tired of her being called Ann, so we're going to try it for a while...).  It was a FREEZING cold morning!  We had all preregistered, so we just had to get our numbers.  They also outfitted us with some "cool" running gloves.  The grown ups got white ones and the kids got some stretchy blue ones.  Time to go line up for the kids 1k race.  Conner was in top form.  He did a little warm up run with dad and got set to go.  Leise (or would it be Lyse?) was a little more reserved, as was her mom who was running with her!  We got set to go.  Conner worked his way up to the front line.  Analyse and I hung out towards the middle.  We weren't in any hurry!  After a little pep talk from the race organizer, the kids were off.  Conner was off like a bolt of lightning.  You have to give it to that kids.  He's FAST!  Analyse was more reserved.  In fact, about 5 steps into the race she was in tears and ready to quit.  She doesn't do so well when it's something that is new to her.  And especially if it's something that she feels pressure to finish (umm, like a RACE!  Hadn't really thought that one through!).  I just grabbed her hand and we ran together.  She was really wanting to quit.  But me, being the good mother that I am, wouldn't let her.  I didn't care if her side had a cramp.  She was going to finish!  Conner passed up before we even hit the halfway mark!  I actually think Mike was having a hard time keeping up with him!  Anyway, as we turned the last corner, Analyse was ready to sprint.  She let go of my hand and ran as fast as she could to the finish.  I think she finished in about 8 minutes.  We caught up with Conner.  Little man was first!!!  He finished in about 4 minutes.  That was cool.  Both the kids were enjoying themselves now that their part was over!  But we were on the the big people next!

The 15k races started 10 minutes ahead of the 5k racers.  It was still pretty cold, but we shed our outer layers to get ready for the run.  The first racers were off.  Now countdown for the rest of us.  Mike and his buddy Peter were close to the start line.  I, however, was towards the back.  No point making the fast people run around me more than they needed to!  Whistle blew and we were off.  It was a nice course.  Mike and Peter passed me on a little out and back that they had at the start of the course.  They were at a pretty good pace.  I knew that they'd finish well.  I however, was passed by the oldest guy running and then later in the course an old lady WALKING with a CANE!  Seriously!  She smoked me.  Oh.  Did I mention that I was RUNNING???  Now that's a good one!  I did see Mike and Peter again as they were coming around, almost done.  As I was coming to the end, I saw Conner and Analyse waving to me.  They wanted to finish the run with me.  That wasn't nearly as much fun as I thought it would be.  They never stopped talking or asking questions.  Oh, now I remember why I like to run.  The silence!!!  I finally finished.  I ran 14:40 miles.  UGH!  But I didn't really train so, I was willing to take my time!  Mike however, finished 3rd in his age group and his buddy Peter finished 2nd in his.  By then the sun had decided to come out and we were able to enjoy the beautiful day.  We had to stick around for the awards for the guys to get their ribbons.  They also had a raffle and Conner won an Adidas basketball jersey and Analyse won a shoe wallet.  Now it's time to get ready for the next race.  November 15th we'll be doing a 10k.  Guess I'd better actually train for that one!!!


Brynn said...

Okay, first off, I LOVE the "new spelling"!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

GREAT job on the race, the pics are great!!!

Anonymous said...

At least you are doing it. I haven't ran a race in a pretty long time. I am even wondering if I could finsh one.