Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday... to me!

Yesterday was my birthday and Mike and I went out of town for the weekend. We went over to central Oregon to stay at Eagle Crest Resort. It's a fun and close getaway. My sister lives about 30 minutes from the resort, so we took Conner with us and dropped him off her house for the weekend. On friday night, after we dropped him off, we went out to dinner with her and her husband. I don't know if we had ever done that before. We went to a little (very little) mexican restaurant in Tumalo. Then we headed back to the resort KID FREE!!! Yeah. We had a good time on Saturday playing tennis and hot tubbing, watching movies and just relaxing! Sunday we slept in!!! That's nice! Anyway, it was a fun weekend and here are some pics from our drive back.

Oh, did I forget to mention that there was a snow storm over the pass on the way back?? Yep. There was!

Mike putting chains on the Honda.

The view of the side of the road.  Very pretty.

Still working on chains.

Conner just HAD to get into the action!


Brynn said...

It actually doesn't look near as bad as I thought it would! The trip check camera made it look so much worse. I'm glad you made it back safe & sound though! It was fun at dinner & the boys had a blast hanging out with Conner all weekend.

mimi said...

******HAPPY BIRTHDAY ******
It sounds like you all had lots of fun!:)

Ethington Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry I missed it. I am glad you had a fun time. That was very nice of your sister to watch your kids. Have a good one. Maybe we can get together over spring break.