Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've been found!

As usual, I woke up this morning and checked my email.  Of my 17 messages, 15 of them were junk.  BUT there was 1 from facebook.

Someone was wanted to be my friend.  I was a little unsure of the name, but I had an idea.  Could it really be?  Really?

Guess what. It was my very very very bestest friend ever growing up!  She lived across the street from me from the time I was 12 until I moved away.  She was the kind of friend that let me pretty much live with her.  I have SOOO many memories that there is just no way I can narrow down a couple favorites.  Although, there are quite a few that bring a smile to my face trying to go over them all!  She was the friend that I loved to live life through.  She was always off on some mission or another and always had the best stories to tell!  I probably spent more nights in her big bed having sleepovers than I did in my own!  WOW.  She was my teen years!  I remember her as being an amazing writer and super creative.  She made me want to do better and be better.  Well, most times.  We did enough not being so good, too!  She was on of the bridesmaids in my wedding and then we pretty much lost touch.  I missed her.

I have spend a lot of time trying to find her again.  Well, this morning, there she was!  And she's close!  She still lives fairly local.  I'm so excited to get the chance to connect with her as an adult.  She is amazing and I can't wait to rekindle our friendship.

Thanks Tara, for taking the time to look for ME!  And thanks to facebook for making it happen!


Brynn said...

I too have lots of memories of the 2 of you... like you being grounded & then sneaking out to go sit on her front porch with her (like mom wouldn't see) LOL I'm so glad she found you, I know you've been looking for her for ever.

1boy4girls said...

ummm, I NEVER snuck out. I never had to. I was never grounded. You need to revisit your memories of our childhood! Perhaps you're getting the two of us mixed up...

Tarafromtheblock said...

Really Brynn... Becki was the good one, remember? :)
I am so happy that I found you Becki. And pretty wowed that you wrote such nice things about me on your blog. I can't wait to see you!!