Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life's a beach!

So, with all the rain around here for spring break, we haven't had a ton of things to do.  Today was the first nice day all week and so I loaded up the kids (all by myself, I might add) and we headed to Lincoln City.

The girls were pretty excited about it, but Conner wanted to stay at home with friends.  I didn't give him the choice.  Because, well, quite frankly, I really didn't want to go either!  I don't like sand.  I don't like wind.  And I don't like cold.  ALL of those are at the Oregon Coast!

However, it turned out to be a really great day.  The drive was fairly quick (about 90 minutes each way) and we spent about 2 hours in Lincoln City before coming home.  Just enough for the kids to have fun, get cold and cranky, and then sugared up before heading out.

And, get this, I even remembered to bring my CAMERA.  So I have PROOF!!!

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Brynn said...

First of all, I'm beyond impressed that you took your camera, & even more so that you actually used it & the batteries weren't dead!!! You got some incredible pics!

Looks like the kids all had a great time. I LOVE your new header pic.

1boy4girls said...

Ya, I was VERY pleased when I downloaded the pics and had so many really great ones. Other than the 2 posed pics when we first got to the beach, that's the only pic with all 5 kid in it. And I LOVE it!