Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My birthday gift

Before we left on Friday afternoon, Mike planted my new birthday tree.  It's a weeping cherry tree.  The plan is for it to "grow up" and kind of cover the beautiful utility boxes that we have in the front of our house (wonderful planning on someone's part... to put them there!).  This is also where the kids LOVE to play, so the thought was that the tree would also be a "fort" for them when it gets bigger.  I love the shape and can't wait until it has some blooms on it!


Brynn said...

You're right, it DOES have a cool trunk! It'll be so much fun to watch it grow! I'm sure the kids will make so many memories hangin out under that tree, just like we used to with the big weeping willow tree in our front yard. Man I miss that tree!

Shirlene said...

I love weeping cherries. It'll be so beautiful. What a great present! Happy Birthday, a few days ago........by the way!