Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The fans demand it...

So I suppose I should update the blog. Unfortunately, my camera has died, so I don't have any cool pics. Anyway, life does go on... So, football is over. The Huskies finished their season with an awesome win (19-0) on an amazing Saturday here. Conner had a great game with some good tackles and a really good run. It was a great way to end the season (2-5). He is going to play again next year and is excited to have his dad coach him then. Alia is down to 1 more soccer game left. She is actually a pretty good defender. Conner was even commenting on how well she played (impressive!). She loves hanging out with her friends on the team and if they get a win, it's even better! Ann-Elise is busy with tap class. She is enjoying learning a new skill that will drive her parents crazy when she practices (should have thought about that before suggesting it!). She will keep us busy over they holiday season with MANY performances. But it will be fun. Adrie is just Adrie. She is a ham and a love. She is so funny. She says some crazy things. Some of her favorite sayings are "I love you so much." and "I like your hair.". She is also crazy about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney and will watch hours upon hours of it if I let her. Caile is turning into a funny little bug. She is learning lots of new words and is not afraid to let you know what she wants. She will wake up in the morning and inform you that she wants to "go down there". And she is VERY good at "yes" and "no". She has that last one down to perfection!

Anyway, other than Leise's dance, we will be taking the winter sports season off. I am looking forward to evenings at home. It has been nice spending the evenings together as a family playing games. Oh, except last Tuesday night because I took Ann-Elise to the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert. Alia was supposed to go, but negative actions necessitated having to forgo that one. Anyway, Leise and I had a blast. We went with Tracy and Hannah from next door and had a great time, other than the fact that Ann-Elise almost fell asleep. Oh well, guess that goes along with being 6.

Let's see... Mike and I have been trying to get away once night a month. My dad will come out and watch all 5 kids while we go have fun. Our first trip was to Lincoln City and the Inn at Spanish Head. Wouldn't recommend that place, but we did eat at a great restaurant, Pier 101. Then last weekend we spend the night at Eagle Crest in Redmond. Stopped in Sisters on the way home. I've been through there a million times but this was the first time I ever stopped. It was fun. We will be going back to some of the little shops. One was a yarn and knitting shop. Mike admits he is now a "yarn snob". He doesn't like the "cheap" 3.00/skeen yarn, he likes the 18.00/skeen yarn. Oh well, as long as he's buying!

Well, I'm sure that this was exciting to read. So until next time...

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