Monday, November 26, 2007

Once again...

That stupid hamster...Yes, him again. So, I put him in the cupboard in the bathroom because he was so loud. On Saturday, Alia is getting ready to take her shower and happens to look down, and there is Tommy. He has torn his new cage apart and somehow opened the cupboard door and is literally a peeping Tom! UGH! He has now gone through 3 cages. And I'm out. Ok, so I'll buy him an aquarium and shove him in that. Put a mesh cover on it, and if he gets out of that one, he's fair game for the cats. Head to Petsmart. Cool, an aquarium is only 9.99. However, they don't have a mesh cover for it. The nice sales associate informs me that I could buy a "ready to go" aquarium for 35.00, or I could buy an over sized mesh lid for 15.00. Hello. The stupid hamster only cost 8.99 to begin with! Now I've invested 100.00 already just on cages. No, we're going cheap! Then I find a metal cage with a plastic bottom. Looks sturdy enough. He can't really get to the edges of the plastic to eat it. Should be good. Oh my goodness, it's only 19.99! I hit pay dirt! So, it's been 3 days, and other than the fact that the kitten likes to lay right next to him (still in the bathroom) and try to swat at him through the metal wires, it's going good. NEVER AGAIN will I fall for the "can I please have a pet? I promise I'll take care of it!"

And on a strange note. Conner was supposed to put his football away. He decided to kick it up the stairs. It promptly came back down, knocking over one of the pictures as it came down. The picture frame, glass, pictures and backing all came apart (nothing broke, mind you, just disassembled itself). I don't know if Conner was trying to catch all that was coming down at him, or just got "lucky", but the glass came down and sliced him right between 2 fingers. Like in the "web" part. It was crazy! I looked at him and saw the oncoming look of panic (did I mention, not to long ago, his fear of anything red, like blood?). He waited about 30 seconds. And to his credit, he didn't scream like a pansy this time. He had this shocked, panic, fear in his voice. I came over and looked at it. And do you know what? If you cut yourself right there where the skin connects in between your fingers, and it's deep enough, there is a whole pocket you can look down into. I know this. First hand! So I took Conner to Mike and told him he needed to check it out. Then mouthed to him that he probably needed stitches (I wouldn't recommend this if you are standing in front of a mirror and the person you are trying to avoid knowing this information is watching you in the mirror). Oh crap, now he's flipping out. Mike looked at it and we weren't sure what to do. Can you even stitch that? Now, over our time with Conner we have gotten pretty darn good with butterfly stitches. By necessity. He is deathly afraid of stitches (I tell you, one bad experience when he was 2, and he's crazy about it now!). But there is NO way to butterfly that one, I can't even get a band aid around it. So I called a friend of mine, who's a nurse and took him over to her place. She looked at it. Well, it could use a stitch, but I don't know how they'll be able to do it. Do you really want to go and wait at the hospital? Ummm, no! So we decided to go home and lube it up with neosporin and stick some gauze in between his fingers, then tape 2 of them together so it can stay clean. After I finished chatting with her and her 2 girls (oh, about 45 minutes...) we headed back home. On the way home Conner said "I wish I could turn back time." Now we had talked about a ton of stuff while we were over at my friends house, so I wasn't sure what he was talking about. Um ok, what would you change? His reply "I think I would WALK my football up to my room instead of kicking it." At that moment in time angels sang "Alleluia". Yes, my job here is done. I never said a word about what he did. He figured it out all on his own. Who says that natural consequences don't work?

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