Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mean people suck!

OK, so we all know just how calm and level headed I am. Generally don't get too excited about much. Very balanced. Easy going. Agreeable. Move well with change. (Are you dying of laughter yet?) So I'm at the gym today. It was after my workout and I was picking up the babies from the childcare there. My trainer had told our class that because we usually have class on Thursday, and next week is Thanksgiving, we would have it on Wednesday instead. She said that they had already informed the "boss" of the gym and she was aware of it, but they were going to discuss it with her more because she didn't really respond when they told her. In the past when they have had our class move it has caused some issues with too many kids in childcare. Because all 5 of mine would be attending next Wednesday, I decided to check with the ladies who work in childcare. They told me that it shouldn't be an issue. They usually aren't very busy during that time, so don't worry. Anyway, boss lady over heard. And was "shocked" that class had been moved. I told her that she had already been informed of the change and she said that she had not. No one had said anything to her. Ohhh, so now my trainer is a liar? Heart rate rising... She went on that that was not OK. It wouldn't work. We would have to change our time... Anyway, I just figured that I wouldn't go next week and wouldn't worry about it. Then later today I got an email from one of my trainers saying that if we could find other childcare arrangements, then to come to class on Wednesday, otherwise they would figure something else out. Umm, excuse me, I have already paid 225.00 for my 5 kids to use the gym's childcare. OK, now I'm steamed. I'm flipping out. So, after a not so nice email to my trainer (only about mean boss lady) I have decided that I will attend the gym, that I have paid hundreds of dollars to join, with my 5 kids, that again, I have paid hundreds of dollars for them to be there, and I will show up, not for MY class, oh no, that wouldn't be acceptable, but to sit my fat A$$ on the bench by the machines for 90 minutes! Now she's just gone a ticked me off... I'll skip my class and I'll bring ALL OF MY KIDS, ya know the ones I paid to have there? Ya, all of them will come, kicking and screaming, to join me in the gym! Boy that will be a fun day!

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