Friday, November 9, 2007

My new hobby

First let me start by saying "Holy Cow, 2 posts in one week. What is this world coming too?". And with that said...

I think I wrote about Mike's aunt Rose teaching me how to knit when we were in Canada this past summer. I have made many attempts to create something that was recognizable with no luck. So last weekend when Mike and I were in Sisters, we stopped at a little store called The Stitching Post. They have some really cool quilting stuff and lots of fun (expensive) knitting yarn. They also have a little section with fun nick knacks (probably "home decor") but I stayed out of that area. Anyway, I was looking for an easy project to work on using my vast knitting skills (knit1, purl 2). I found a cool free hat pattern that one of the owners had created. It looked easy enough. After buying bamboo knitting needles (no walmart specials here!) and some 18.00 yarn, I was off to complete my masterpiece. It could have been the fact that I was trying to complete most of it during the 2 hour car ride home, or just the fact that I'm not so good at details...but my winter cap turned into a very expensive kippot (the name for a Jewish hat). Well, seeing as how we're Mormon, it didn't really seem to be a necessity. The next one I made (with cheap yarn) was a little small for Caile. But I kept on trying. Oh yes, you can't deny that I am the little engine that could! I tried again on inexpensive yarn and created a beautiful little hat for Adrie. Wow. I was impressed with myself. The positive thing about making so many, was that I really had that pattern down pat and was getting pretty quick. So last night I started another one with some yarn that I had purchased (at Walmart for 1.98) specifically for Ann-Elise to match her new coat. I finished it this morning right after she left for school. Hopefully it fits. The problem with this one is that it may just be too big!!! Oh well. Determination. I can do this! So, I think EVERYONE I know is going to get a new beanie hat for Christmas, so if you know what colors you want, just let me know!

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Brayden said...

Ok, wanna take my order now?!

I laughed so hard reading this, it was hilarious!!! Thanks for updating, I'm lovin it! :) Have a good one!