Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another steal from my sister

am: strong
want: kids that listen
have: the best husband ever
wish: I could spend more time with said best husband ever
don't: give myself enough credit
can't: run fast
need: to clean my house
hear: music from Brenda's blog and the Backyardagans
wonder: if I'm damaging my kids
believe: that I can become who I want to be
regret: not being more patient with my family
am not: a mean person
dance: with my husband while the girls sing their crazy karaoke
sing: horribly. But I do it anyway!
cry: a lot. More than I want to.
always: run the mom's taxi service
make with my hands: hats. The only think I know how to knit. Oh, bread too (not knit bread silly, just make it with my hands!)
write: only in my blog.
confuse: my days A LOT!
should: get off the computer more and work on the house
start: a lot of things
finish: not very many of the things I start!


Ethington Family said...

What a cute idea, (even if you stole it). i love the pictures too! have a great day!

Lori L. said...

Hey Becki!

I ran into Chris German at gymnastics yesterday and she told me about your blog. I couldn't resist a look at some of my favorite students :) Kudos to you for running...and you're not even being chased! I've been power walking, and it's kicking my butt, both figuratively and physically! 17 pounds to lose before July....PRAY for me, I'll need it.

Lori Lawrence