Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Unevents of the past weekend

I'm pretty sure that nothing eventful has happened over the past few days. I'm only updating my blog because I feel the need to put SOMETHING down. Really, anything down! So, let's see... Saturday was horrid weather. I did go out and run 6 miles with my friend Laura. That was nice. It's always fun to spend time with her. She is a HUGE support to me and really encourages and pushes me. hmmm. Really, that's all I can think of... Yesterday (the last day of spring break for us) we had some friends spend the night, so we had a full house. The oldest was 14, so instead of it being a burden to have 8 kids here (well, 10 if you count Hannah and Jarod, oh plus Noel, so I suppose it was really 11) it was fun. The older kids took care of the babies and I actually had a pretty peaceful day inside! I was also able to run in the morning and leave everyone at home. I'm really looking forward to the next couple years when the older kids will be able to stay home with the younger kids! I tell you, babysitters cost a fortune! Today the kids went back to school. It was nice. After they left, Laura took the babies for me and I rode my bike (with no falls, thank you very much) to the pool. It's about a 5 mile ride. Then swam 1/2 mile and then rode home again. It was really nice. I am really enjoying spending time outside and I love seeing and feeling the differences in my fitness level. Oh, and I start Total Health again on Saturday. I'm really excited about that. Oh, and my sister and her family will be here this weekend for a hockey tournament. That will be fun. We don't get to see them very often, so I'm sure the kids will love spending time with their cousins. Check back later!

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Brynn said...

It makes me tired reading your blog. Well, tired & sore!!! LOL

I can't wait to see you guys this weekend, we should know more, hopefully tonight about the schedule.