Thursday, April 10, 2008

A look ahead

So with all of the fun around spring time comes A LOT of ball practice. That is what has been taking up most of our time this week. Conner practices on M,W,F with Cub Scouts on Wednesdays as well. Leise has dance on Tuesdays and softball on M,TH. Throw in dinner and 3 other active kids and that's all the extra time we have. It's been fun on nice days because we can all go to practice and the other kids can play on the play sets at the school while we keep an eye on the practicee.

On looking ahead: Mike just sent me the 10 day forecast and it looks like it's supposed to be 78 on Saturday. YEAH! I'm getting really tired of the rain. I haven't been able to ride my bike at all this week. Although, Mike did bring a bike trainer home on Tuesday, so technically, I could ride in the house. Today is supposed to be a bike and swim day, but I'm just going to make it a long run day. I should be able to get about 5 miles in. Yes, that's a long run for me! I have my next 10k in a few weeks and I need to really focus on that.

We just got word that Conner's first practice game is on the 23rd. That will be fun. I think he's enjoying his team. He has amazing coaches and really gets along with most of the boys on the team. It's nice to not have to fight him on something! Looks like Ann-Elise's first game is the first week of May. Hopefully the weather will start cooperating by then so we aren't miserable!

On Tuesday night I was able to get together with a group of friends for a "Girls Night Out". We haven't done that in a very long time. It was really fun to just sit and visit. And I was able to visit with people that aren't in my regular group of friends, so it was really nice to get to know a couple more people a little better.

Oh, on a very shallow note, I started tanning. I can't even tell you how much better that make me feel! I used to be very tan. In fact, I worked at a tanning salon when Mike and I met. As time went by and I had more and more kids, I gave it up. Well, now I'm back!!! I figure it's worth the money for the way it makes me feel. And apparently it's "safer" now a days. I don't really believe that, but for today, I don't care either!!!
So, what you can't see in this picture are the mismatched Princess shoes that Caile was wearing over her footie jams. Too cute!!! She was walking around with the bandanna, so I put it on her and he loved it.

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