Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ann-Elise's big day

Today was Ann-Elise's baptism.  Here are most of the kids as we were entering the building.

These next pics are for my sister.  Side view of her hair.

Front view.  Pretty girl!

The back of her "heart" hair for her Valentines day baptism.

Leise in the outfit Grammy made her for her baptism.

Leise and Daddy before the big event.

Totally unrelated, but this is Caile as she fell asleep at the table while she was coloring.

Just more proof that is child will sleep anywhere BUT in her bed!

Back to Ann-Elise:  She was baptized today with 3 other children from her church class.  It was an amazing day and we were thrilled to be able to spend it with so many people that we know and love and how special for her to share with her very good friends!


mimi said...

What a Special Day!!!!
You have a beautiful family:)

Ethington Family said...

oh, I am a horrible friend!! I always forget! I forgot Molly's too!!! how can I do that, I really don't know. I'm sorry I wasn't there. Tell her we are so happy for her. Janey will be sad she missed it.

Shirlene said...

What a special day, she looks so cute. What fun hair for a Valentines Day Baptism!!! I love the baptismal outfit your mom made. Very cute!!! Did your mom make the outfit she wore to the church too? (My mom is in the process of making Lauren's after baptism dress. I think we chose all difficult fabrics to work with. But she's talented, like your mom. Don't you love that they can sew so well!:)
I want to be able to meet your children. They're all so cute! I need to make a trip up North! We should plan a cousins girls weekend.

Linda and Peter said...

Congrats to Ann Elise on her baptism from Peter, Linda and Madelynn! I can't believe this age group is all turning 8, they grow up too fast.

Her hair is adorable Becki!