Monday, February 23, 2009


Oh, I forgot to post about Conner's basketball game on Saturday. His team has done really well and he's had a good season. This is all new for him and he has taken very well the fact that he doesn't really have any idea how to play basketball. Believe me, that is HUGE for him! To put himself out there in front a ton of people playing something that he's not super good at and doesn't really know the basics is very hard for him. But he has done great and it's been really fun to watch him play.

Conner getting ready to take a shot.

I think this pic is so funny.  #4 was looking at his coach and saying "I got this one".  Notice Conner comes about mid tricep on him.

Another shot of Conner and #4 side by side.  

Although the Huskies put up a good fight and stayed in the game, they ended up losing.  But they played hard and did great!


Brynn said...

HOLY COW, did you ask for a birth certificate on that kid? He looks like he would tower over Bray!!!

Con's rec team won on Sat, 51-6! YIKES, I actually felt really bad for the other team!

1boy4girls said...

Actually, there were 4 kids on the other team that were about that tall. But they were good kids! Super nice. That made it better!

Ethington Family said...

I love basketball. I am proud of Conner, because that would be hard for anyone to play in front of a crowd and not know all the basics. He is such a cute kid!

mimi said...

What a brave boy!!!
Good for him:)!!! Basketball is way cool....:)